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Tax-Focused Financial Planning for Women in Transition

From single women, wives, partners or former partners, to widows, divorcees and business owners, we give you insights, support and sound financial and investment management advice for your life.

We highlight your successes and give you the tools to take full advantage of all you’ve accumulated and achieved. We empower you to live the life you choose. 

Let’s plan and guide your future success together.

Financial Planning Built on Understanding

Gain clarity, confidence and a renewed perspective with tax focused financial planning and investment strategies that prepare and carry you through retirement.

Asset Management

Invest according to your values, lifestyle and risk tolerance to ensure your money lasts through retirement.

Retirement Planning & Strategy

We start with a financial plan to determine how much you spend and how much you’ll need through retirement, for the life you want to live.

Tax Planning

We establish a clear relationship between your investments and your taxes, always keeping your best interest and best life in mind.
We listen and provide personal, individualized financial planning and investment management solutions for you, to ease burdens and enrich your life.

Eileen Carrero Financial Services offers the insights of more than three decades of tax and accounting services and nearly twenty years of financial planning and advice.

Decades of tax focused guidance, research and planning experience, enabled by technology, creates an ideal, accessible and proven resource for personalized asset management.

Do you want financial confidence to move through life’s transitions with more ease?