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First Steps to Confident Transitions

Helping you align your dreams with your investments to support your life’s transitions with tax-focused, personalized financial planning.

Align your goals and your finances to live a holistic wealthy life.

We specialize in services for women in transition, like you. Listening, empathizing and inspiring, we increase your financial confidence and capacity for continued financial well being and success. With comprehensive financial planning, tax-focused investment management and individualized investment strategies, you’ll find the financial insights and resources to approach your life, your retirement and your future with assurance.

Find More Confidence in Your Own Capacity.

Support and Engagement in Transition – in Four Steps

Step 1

Exploring the Landscape
Our first step is about discovery, getting to know each other and what makes you and your financial situation unique. You learn as much about us as we will about you. We’ll study your income sources, expenses and obligations and start formulating the plan.

Step 2

Your Roadmap for Success
If we’re a good fit and you like what we offer, we’ll create a financial plan, your guide for the financial road ahead. We align your life dreams, goals, values and existing assets with tax-focused investments.

Step 3

Investment Vehicles
We are committed to the continued management of your finances through all of life's inevitable changes. After we truly understand you, your life goals and your tolerance for risk, we’ll move from planning to investments and asset management, considering investment options, resources and tax advice to help you reach personal milestones and financial well being.

Step 4

The Changing Road Ahead
We’ve got the plan, our map and our commitment, and life carries on. We’ll continue to communicate, with regular check-ins, investment reporting and plan reviews. And because we’re tax professionals, we’ll use our unique perspective to evaluate and account for tax consequences, planning for continued thriving.

What and How We Charge

Our engagements start with a personal financial plan. We offer financial plans for a fixed fee of $1,500.

Our asset management services are priced at a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM), typically one percent. Tax planning and tax return preparation are also offered and will vary based upon your specific needs and tax complexity.

Investment Minimum: $250,000

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

Living More Confidently

As part of our comprehensive approach to financial planning, we work with you to objectively review and ensure adequate insurance coverage for your specific needs. We aim to provide you with greater assurance in your protection in the event of illness, injury or accident, so you can live more confidently.
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term-Care Insurance
  • From Accumulation to Action

    You’ve prepared and planned, accumulating what you hope are the resources to carry you through retirement. We hope your retirement is healthy, and happy but we’re sensible. We know that life happens. We provide confidence for your financial life and lasting well being, with financial strategies that save you from the worries of what tomorrow will bring.

    Maximum Benefits, Minimized Burdens

    As a CPA and an Investment Advisor, we ensure your plan is tax-focused and aligned for maximum benefit and minimum burden. We maintain expertise on both sides of the investment equation, managing your portfolio with sound investments and saving expenses associated with tax obligations.

    Align your goals and your finances, increase your wealth and prepare your ideal financial future.